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Terahertz Functional Water Device

Terahertz Resonated water device produce 7.6Hz functional cell water. Its reduce the viscosity of drinking water ,increase water energy , producing 7.6hz frequency water, which is the same frequency as the natural magnetic field of the earth, and the state of water molecules is transformed from aggregated cluster structure water into linear arrangement of water molecules.

Terahertz water enhances cell activity ,and stabilize energy helps to neutralizing free radicals, increasing oxygen content, reducing the vitality of water, it convert the frequency, structure, viscosity, and energy of ordinary water into low-frequency healthy water that is more conducive to direct absorption by cells, bringing more oxygen and nutrition direct to body cell , and thus eliminate more rubbish and toxins. Repair every cell and make it healthy and energetic.

Water clusters in size compared

Milk – 210 Hz.
Tap water –  120 Hz
Purified Water – 118 Hz.
Ground Water – 105 Hz
Mineral Water – 94 Hz
Alkaline Water – 63 Hz
Hydrogen Water – 46 Hz
Terahertz water -7.6 Hz

Conclusion :- Terahertz is the best resonate water in terms of absorption & the most Powerful Functional Drinking Water.

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